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Chris Whitaker
Chocolate Pecan Corn Cakes

Chocolate Pecan Corn Cakes

Our granola is mixed in with cornmeal for a delicious, egg-free breakfast (or any time) corn cake. INGREDIENTS3 TBSP. org. Chia Seeds1 cup of non-GMO Blue Cornmeal (medium grind)1/2 cup of org. Oat Flour1/3 cup Chocolate Pecan Garden granola1/2 cup org. Milk (nut milk for vegan)2 TBSP. org. Grape Seed oil (coconut, or olive oil)1 TBSP.  org. Maple Syrup1 TSP. Sea Salt Mix the cornmeal, salt, in a medium-size bowl; Boil 1 cup of water and add to mixture; cover and let stand for a few minutes;  Soak chia in 1/3 cup of water (give about five minutes to absorb...

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