Thoughtful Sourcing

Outside-of-North-America sources have relative high value AND less frequent use (used in only some of our recipes); most have a much lower weight compared to the more frequently-used ingredients: this reduces impact of fossil fuel consumption (see Global Food Distance Map) 

A. Organic Cinnamon from Ceylon 
B. Pumpkin seeds from Syrian region in Austria 
C. Organic Chia from Paraguay 
D. Salt from Himalayan region (Nepal/India) 
E. Organic Cacao/Dark Chocolate from Dominican Republic 
F. Organic Coconut chips and organic Coconut oil from Philippines 
G. Organic Cashew pieces from Vietnam 


Inside-of-North America sources with high frequency and/or high relative weight (see North American Food Distance Map, or NAFDM) 

A. Gluten-free organic oats from San Luis Valley (Colorado) 
B. Organic Pecans from Rio Grande Valley (Texas) 
C. Organic Sunflower seeds from northern Great Plains (Dakotas, Kansas) 
D. Organic Maple syrup (Jackson, Maine) 
E. Organic Sorghum (southern San Joaquin Valley, California) 
F. Almonds (northern San Joaquin Valley, California) 
G. Organic Dates (Coachella Valley, California) 


Inside-of-North America sources with medium frequency and/or medium relative weight (see NAFDM) 

A. Organic Almond Meal (northern San Joaquin valley, California) 
B. Organic Blackstrap Molasses (Everglades Agricultural Region, Florida) 
C. Hazelnuts (Willamette valley, Oregon) 
D. Cranberries (near shores of Lake Michigan, Michigan) 
E. Blueberries (southwestern region Michigan state) 


Inside-of-North America sources with low frequency and/or low relative weight (see NAFDM) 

A. Organic Apple (Yakima Valley, Washington) 
B. Organic Vanilla (Mexico) 


Processing and Distribution Centers (all in United States) 
A. Minimally processed ingredients 

1. Apple-juiced infused cranberries AND blueberries (processed in Traverse City, Michigan) 

2. Apple (processed in Traverse City, Michigan) 

2. Almond meal (processed in Turlock, California) 

3. Dark Chocolate (processed in ????) 

4. Dates (Coachella, California) 

5. Coconut Oil (?) 

6. Sorghum Crisp Flakes (Oakland, California) 

B. Distribution centers (see Distribution center distance map) 

a. Oakland, California 

b. Turlock, California 

c. Coachella, California 

d. Hubbard, Oregon 

e. Hansville, Washington 

f. Durfur, Oregon 

g. Norway, Iowa 

h. Jackson, Maine 

i. Traverse City, Michigan 

j. Omaha, Nebraska 

K. West Palm Beach, Florida 

L. Salt Lake City, Utah